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Clayton Mulford

Clayton MulfordTeam Owner & Realtor

Clayton is an experienced REALTOR and a remarkable team leader & co-owner for the Ignite Team based in Omaha, NE. Clayton’s passion for real estate has delivered remarkable outcomes to his clients and agents over many years. In his career, he has greatly succeeded in helping his clients & agents overcome difficult home sales, purchases, and other property-related issues. Having worked with numerous real estate clients, Clayton provides his clients and agents on his team with the best solutions to what they are seeking in the housing market while leaving them with incredible knowledge of the industry and education about the real estate process. With such an excellent record, Not only do the other agents on The Ignite Team and his past clients, trust his expertise and turn to him for quality advice and service.

In Clayton’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family on the acreage they own south of Louisville, NE. His daughter enjoys spending time outside playing, reading books, playing with their dog Cemba and dancing up a storm when the radio is playing. Clayton married his best friend Mandi in May of 2014 and has been enjoying years of fun, love, and happiness together ever since they met back in 2011.

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